Why Dish Network Is Such A Good Deal

dish-networkOne of the best deals in television entertainment packages is DISH Network. The price is very affordable, when compared to other available options. The introductory package price currently being advertised on the company website is 24.94 for a 12 month subscription. This package is called America’s Top 120. Many of the popular stations including CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon and Discovery Channel are part of the package and there is a good variety content. What makes DISH Network such a great deal is that they have to remain competitive with other dish providers in an open market. This is also what cable TV does not price out as competitively.

The real difference between Cable TV and Satellite TV

Most cable television providers hold a virtual monopoly over an area of coverage. This is because of the way cable TV is delivered to the home. A coaxial cable wire must be laid directly to the subscribers’ home. This is somewhat regulated by local municipalities simply because there has to be some constraints on just how much wiring should be installed in a given area. DISH network, being a satellite service, does not have those types of constraints. Therefore there is a healthy competition with the other major satellite provider to offer customers more for the money. This is to the customers advantage certainly, but also drives DISH Network to constantly initiate new technologies to gain and keep a competitive edge.

New technology available on DISH Network

More and more customers are demanding new ways to view content on their TV. With the advent of HDTV and the rise in home theatre systems people want a total viewing experience in their homes, and when they are away from home too. Some of those newer cutting edge technologies that DISH Network deals offers are, TV anywhere, which allows DISH Network subscribers to access their programming from anywhere. Another great add-on feature is the new Google TV platform. Google TV makes viewing internet content on your HDTV possible. Also DVR hardware helps users keep track of their favorite shows and view them when it is convenient. DISH Network can enhance your all-around viewing experience.

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